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P.O. BOX 1945
Mendocino, CA





Madeline Hurst, lead coordinator and partner in Fern Foot Events


I have always loved the magic created by the smell of good food, the glow of candlelight, and a comfy place to sit. It's a magic created by my grandmother's thrifted and heirloom treasures in her off-grid ridge top home, it's the magic of my mother in her perpetual redecorating for that certain je n'est c'est quoi at a valley's edge on a Pacific island, its the magic of my auntie with her collections of vintage ceramics displayed in al their colorful glory and used for every day because it is truly always a special occasion on her homestead near the coast. 

I find joy in the little elements - the uncommon ones. The light hitting just right. 

I want to create events that are beautiful. That feel special. That make people happy. 

I've been designing and creating since I was a little girl and Barbies were just a vehicle for creativity. Hand stitching my own tiny quilts and bringing these spindly avatars on adventures through life. 

I've been co-creating and producing events for 8 years.



A few things I’m passionate about:

LGBTQ support and rights Love and marriage are for everyone to enjoy.

Honoring traditions and creating new ones - helping you to decide what matters to you: meaningful ways to pay homage to those who came before you, as well as listening to the inner voice that tells you that you really don’t want to do a bouquet toss and maybe you don’t even want to wear a dress.

Bringing loved ones together - love is not dead and neither is marriage. It takes a village to support a long-term union, so invite those who’ve helped you get this far and whom you can count on to support you in the future.  

Sharing “feed your soul” food - what does that mean to me? Supporting local growers and producers, prepared with care, served with love… and some good local wine.

Being present - shut off the cell phone. Let the well paid, talented photographer do the work and focus on fully enjoying the moment. The day goes by faster than you can imagine, so enjoy it.

A good budget - not quite as romantic, but important in the process of planning a gathering where you’re potentially making one of your biggest financial investments to date. I want to help you stay on track to have a day that makes you both feel special, celebrates your love with the ones you love, and leaves you without the post-wedding financial hangover.

A slightly wild bouquet  - in season, growing in abundance and by a local producer; fragrant the way it’s meant to be -  sweet,  herbal, like a recent rain, or just some good ol’ soil. Maybe a few ferns or a feather tucked in for good measure.

A great dance band or DJ or even playlist on  your iPod- you know, the kind that gets everyone foot-stomping, can’t leave the dance floor.


Trevor Evans, left hand(ed) man, coordinator to the coordinator, and partner in Fern Foot Events

 Trevor shines in all ways on site with load-in, set-up, managing multiple locations, making sure every i is dotted and every t crossed, and sometimes even driving the bride to the aisle. He really can't be beat with his combination of unique talents for lifting heavy things and perfectly positioning them + clipping fresh greenery to make that perfect last-minute swag for the bar + charming your grandma and wheeling her back to her car across a bumpy field. 




777 Nameless Ave
New York, NY 00000

+1 555 555 5782